Letters to July (two)

Today, a Wonderful Wednesday x Letters to July. Happy midweek!

+ A twelve-week steal of a subscription to the New Yorker, be still my heart. I’m trying to be more intentional with words and how I consume them – this seemed the perfect excuse! 

+ Anna Jones’ smoked carrot and paprika burgers. Vegan and delicious and the perfect complement to last night’s stunner of a football game (anyone else feel the urge to eat something reminiscent of “fast food” while watching sport? Just me?)

+ I’m not a football fan – I’m really really not – but this World Cup has been something else. (Don’t @ me.) Ever since subtitling a documentary about World Cup football, I’ve been intrigued by football’s human element; how the game weaves through the history of nations and their people. A happy consequence (for my boyfriend, certainly) is I am much more enthusiastic about watching international football games. (I draw the line at the Premier League.)  Last night was incredible: we jumped up and down in frustration, howled our hearts out, and happy-danced at the result. (Yes, I’m not sure how I went from fervently supporting Germany to dancing for England either…) 

+ The bone-tired satisfaction of finishing a lengthy project. I normally work on short translations, but I had a 700o-worder to finish this week, beset by technology problems. The relief of finishing is so sweet I can almost taste it. 

+ The umbels of wild carrot adorning every pathway. And the first green tomatoes bobbing in the breeze. 

+ A Saturday garden party with some of my oldest friends. I am such an introvert – I crave time alone, and if I don’t get it, you’ll know about it (!) – but that means I often forget how much I enjoy spending long, lazy hours in the company of those I love. My friends from secondary school, and assorted partners and friends, descended upon our little garden in the blistering sun this past Saturday. It was majestically joyful. We scooped up bowls of fiery chilli as my best friend fried samosas in our galley kitchen. Another brought chilli paneer and litres of lassi. We toasted tumblers of champagne to nothing in particular and lay, surrounded by my towering tomato plants, on a quilt in the garden talking about nothing and everything in particular. The memory of it has had me smiling all week. 

+ Beyoncé. Playing Love On Top on a loop had me dancing in my seat during some mind-bogglingly slow software problems… (I’ll spare you the video evidence…) 

That’s all, folks! Do pay a visit to lovely Sally’s words and those she links at the bottom of her post. Also, slight apologies for two somewhat similar first Letters to July. A lack of free time has me relying on old favourites, but I promise novel happenings are in the works!