Weekend Colour Palette | Pink

I spent the weekend in Suffolk with mother, sister, boyfriend, (very pregnant!) auntie, uncle and two small, yellow-headed cousins who were immensely enthused about my colour-seeking project. Trooping through the woods sloping towards the Orwell river a few paces behind them, I was touched to hear a near-constant barrage of “Pink!”, “More pink!” – and, finally, “Massive pink alert!” when we rounded a bend to find a front garden spilling over with hydrangeas. Together we spotted fledgling foxgloves lurking in blankets of dandelions; splashes of crimson wildflowers striving in the hedgerows; the neighbour’s leggy pink roses; their father’s pink shirt; Lottie’s pink tennis shoes; the golden light of evening cast rosy by the dining room’s red walls. 

Next week’s colour: BLUE! If you’d like to join in, do link to your blog or instagram below and use the hashtag #weekendcolourpalette. Take a peek at Natalie of Dignifiable’s marvellous pink-themed snaps here. I’d love to hear if you’d fancy taking part, too. 

(photos) on Canon 6D + 40mm 2.8 + 85mm 1.8 | Suffolk