Weekend Colour Palette | Yellow

I love a muted palette as much as the next person, but I also adore C O L O U R. When I first became consumed by photography as a teenager, my Flickr feed was dominated by hyper-saturated self-portraits and technicolour books stacked against my family’s pink-walled living room. It was a far cry from the minimalist white walls and understated pastels that seem to be the trend du jour across the interwebs today.

These have their place I live in a rented flat surrounded by white walls and I appreciate the calm and stillness they exude, and the blank canvas they offer. But I still love colour, especially out and about in this multicultural city of ours. It’s an instant mood-brightener; speaks of life, joy, variety. So this weekend I decided to start a small, creative, personal project – each weekend, one colour, a set of photos. (And hopefully, a little photo essay every Sunday. Hold me to it.)

I chose Y E L L O W to begin with: the colour of warmth, joy, sunflowers, daffodils, canaries, mustard, the Tour de France. Snapping as I went about my daily life in London this weekend, I found myself feeling joyful, seized by the shade’s infectious spirit. I started spotting it on every corner, in quiet spots I’d never paid attention to before. I found it in the most unlikely of spaces, so that Saturday evening found me crouching in the undergrowth of a suburban tube station attempting to capture a clutch of golden roses, stopping to admire the lemons laid outside the corner shop and suddenly finding inspiration in commonplace road markings and street signs.


It’s only a weekend old and I already love this project: for making me stop and notice things I otherwise wouldn’t, for allowing me to see my fractious hometown anew. It focused my attention and my camera in such a satisfying and light-hearted way. London in yellow, above. Join me, perhaps? (And ideas for catchier project names very welcome!)

Taking suggestions for next weekend’s colour, pronto… Pink…?

(photos) on Canon 6D + 40mm 2.8 | London