Bright Spots | Week One (And Two!)

These fading roses. (Truth be told, I’ve felt not too dissimilar — wrinkled, cold, a tad worn out trudging through these dark, dark days.)

Reading by candlelight once the sun sets. (And trying not to fall asleep and burn the house down.)

Tea in the morning.

A Sunday morning of happy chores. I made this beeswax and almond oil wood butter to lick our chopping boards into shape. (It looks so delicious I had to stop myself from eating it…)

Veggie stock simmering on the stove. (Save your ends and bulbs, save money, save the planet!)

This book. I’m done. I want to start all over again with My Brilliant Friend. I feel like I’ve lost something, a friend, a place, I can’t believe they’re over. (Best novel I’ve ever read? Quite possibly.) 

Frosty mornings and the scattering of snow London received this week. (More, please!)

How was your week? Anybody else in full-on hibernation mode?