Bright Spots | Week Twenty-Eight

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+ Saturday morning’s bike ride: to our favourite Daisy’s cafe for eggs and the newspaper, to my grandparents’ house for tea and feline sweetness, back along the tree-lined streets of my hometown to the house I grew up in.
+ this book – a true beauty of a tome, with heart-stopping prose to match.
+ my comfy, cosy denim skirt paired with pink lipstick and Saltwaters.
+ working a brisk fifteen minutes walk from Foyle’s – delicious and utterly devastating for my bank balance, I predict.
+ an evening perusing old family photographs with my little sister – such gems I couldn’t help but include a few here (!)
+ our whole family being under one roof, even if just for an evening.
+ watching a brass band in Embankment Gardens one lunchtime this week (they played all of my favourite Sound Of Music tunes!)
+ getting our garden ship-shape – next weekend I’m going to plant a tin bath-tub with herbs!
+ hydrangea season, the chalky blues are my favourites.
+ the subsidised council ROOFTOP pool I discovered, ten minutes walk from the office.
+ capers in everything: their acidic tang is my favourite thing to add to almost any dish.
+ a homecooked meal with Z, setting the world to rights as we cooked and sipped glasses of Beaujolais.
+ an overcast Monday night made extraordinary: four of us, last together in the Austrian backwoods, somehow together again, if just for an evening.
+ lunchbreak in Jubilee gardens with my dear old dad, fresh off the plane from Singapore.
+ washing, damp, hanging on the line – a delicate waltz, and my favourite chore.
+ high summer: the heat this weekend recalled Saigon. Melting hot. Humid. Glaring sunlight overhead.