The Week That Was

Hip hip hoorah, am I glad to see the weekend. It was a truly lovely week, particularly thanks to visiting friends, but ended in a blind panic and a little cry at the bus stop before spending two and a half hours this morning waiting at the clinic for a doctor to tend to my poor, poorly foot. The long wait at least convinced me it wasn’t terminal (!) I might need a little operation in a week or two, but I think I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Despite the hobbling around London on my one good foot and the wasted Friday morning (not even true – I read 100 pages of Carol Shields’ Unless in the waiting room, recommended by Melissa, and it’s truly lovely) it was a pretty great week. Lots of nice things happened:


1 | Easter was so relaxed, lovely and cheerful this year. Customarily, my family and I (and assorted friends) hightail it to the vast plains of North Norfolk for leg-crunching walks, fortifying pub lunches and chilli nights. It’s invariably lovely. But this year, with my dad working in Singapore and my mama back in town for just a few weeks, we stayed close to home: morning swims, chocolate munching, wanders through massive supermarkets (oh suburban joy!), running errands in the car. All of those mundane joys that are so rare living in a big city – riding in a car, wide suburban skies, the smell of freshly mown grass, the thwack of spring rain on the skylight.

2 | Easter Egg Boules! Our new favourite family pastime. My aunt and sister invented this game on Easter Sunday, pretty much the same as normal boules – but with tiny wrapped chocolate eggs as balls, instead, and played on the dining room table. Endless fun – or as my mother wryly remarked, “Amazing what amuses some people.”

3 | London has BURST into bloom, as if over night a switch was flicked and the trees are all go, go, go. I’ve been leaving a few minutes earlier each morning and making the time to pace through Regent’s Park to my desk again. I adore it, filling my lungs and my heart with the very best of spring.

4 | We had almost nothing in the fridge this evening and yet somehow (likely thanks to the magic of Anna Jones’ cookbook for inspiration) managed to rustle up a delicious omelette (mushroom, ageing halloumi) with a side of roasted aubergines and wilted spinach. A big plate of vegetables was just what the doctor ordered (literally) and the perfect antidote to a busy week marked by plenty of late nights and chocolate raisin grazing.

5 | Uber. UBER. I know, I’m late to the party, and I do fully support black cabs (in fact, I also rode in one today – which is a rarity –  because I am devoted to the tube but needs must with injured limbs!) but how cheap, how easy! This evening I sped from my mama’s hotel room in Euston to my flat in W12, which took twenty minutes and cost just 800 pennies! I even read my book en route and arrived home happy and rested. I’ll still be taking the tube every day, of course, but it’s nice to know there’s an alternative when my purse is feeling full and my legs are tired!

6 | I am so excited for this weekend, the first one at home in the flat for weeks and weeks. I’m going to repot some plants, bed the rosemary and lavender in the garden, read and write and walk and cook. I can’t wait. Lots of blogging time, I hope too – I’m so very keen to get back into the swing of writing here (like the new logo I fashioned up?) Keep your eyes peeled for a bright spots (I’ve two weeks to catch up on!) and tales of a whirlwind tourist day in London yesterday with the most darling American pen pals.

Have a lovely start to the weekend! What do you have planned?