Bright Spots | Week Ten


+ morning coffee, brewed by him
+ fruit tea, all day every day
+ an aubergine, lentil and sweet potato curry, on the table upon my return from work (I’m so spoilt)
+ the dazzling spring sunshine that arrived just in time for the weekend
+ last minute wedding preparations for Hannah’s big day next week
+ the potted lavender (the smell, the smell!) I purchased on a whim from my favourite place in the neighbourhood, W6
+ the flecked pink roses Emma toted along to our weeknight dinner party, much appreciated
+ quiet mornings, with the flat to myself and Joni Mitchell turned up LOUD!
+ ongoing text threads with my indispensable little sister
+ celebrating 60 years of our grandparents’ marriage (#goals, right there. I admire them so.)
+ and a simple Sunday, to use as I pleased