Bright Spots | Week One

Week one. A year in moments: 52 weeks, beginning here.

This Christmas, I came into possession of a ‘Bright Spots’ journal – a place to record the happy moments, silver linings and golden hours of each day. And behold, a new blog series is born – bright spots, every week of the year. Join in too, should you wish!

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+ laughter, thai food, swimming and massages with my oldest friends in celebration of the bride-to-be

+ steaming bowls of vegetable gratin dripping in mozzarella and an episode of the west wing curled up in bed

+ frothy lattes al desko, brewed by kind colleagues

+ borrowing my first novel from the library at the end of the street

+ a set of photographs, printed, to remember 2015 by – snaps of our visit to Bavaria, summer in the Pacific Northwest, windy winter walks, May’s roses, his smile on the night we met

+ hopes for the year to come; big ones, little ones and everything in-between