Hello! Just a brief note to let you know that Beside The Danube can now be found at (rather than the old domain). It turns out a .uk domain is a privacy nightmare waiting to happen, so .com it is! RSS feeds and Bloglovin’ should update automatically; I’m working on it. Thanks for bearing with me while I iron out the creases!

On a kind-of-related note: thank you for reading and for your lovely comments. They always make me smile. My commenting system does not update when I reply to a comment, but I always do! I’ve thought about updating to Disqus, but that would mean erasing every comment ever posted on this blog. I can’t quite bring myself to do it! In the meantime, do check back if you care to 😉

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday evening – I’ve a cup of mint tea beside me and am writing while listening to the rain. Nothing better! xo