Happy birthday blog!

Can you believe it? Last Thursday marked three years of Beside the Danube. I began writing this little blog just over three years ago today, eager to document my experiences living, well, beside the Danube – but more specifically, in a little studio beside the river in Regensburg, Germany. My first blog post was a giddy ode to my new Bavarian home and reading it back all this time later, I’m transported back to Stadtamhof and those strange, confusing and wonderful first days in a new place.

A lot has changed since then. After nine glorious months in Regensburg, I moved back to England via rural Austria, wrote a fair few essays, graduated from university, started a full-time job and moved back to London. Along the way I’ve travelled, loved, lost, photographed and written about much of it here.

I’m so happy I decided to start this blog and delighted that, although it was originally meant only for my recollections and for my family and friends, other like-minded souls have found their way here and like to read my ramblings. I’m more grateful than I can say and my heart really does rejoice every time someone takes the time to leave a comment. Thank you so much for reading. One thing certainly hasn’t changed, and that’s my love of writing, taking pictures and documenting the everyday. Here’s to many more years of (sporadic) blogging, I hope! 

*repurposed image from my surprise 22nd birthday party!

** I’ve a dozen drafts to post over the next few days, so hopefully my mini (unplanned) blogging break is soon to be over! Thanks for sticking around. xo