Liebster Award

I was very surprised to log onto Twitter the other day and find that Nadine had nominated me for a ‘blogging’ award which has an appropriately German name – ‘Liebster’ means ‘favourite’ or ‘most loved’ auf Deutsch. Thank you N!

I thought it would be a fun thing to complete (the task is answering 11 questions and then setting 11 for others) especially as I have been told I keep my own character a bit of a mystery on my blog – so let’s get to know one another! I tag Johanna, Naomi, Flora, Jessie, Miho and anyone else who feels like it! Have fun, I did! 

Me, last summer!
Me, last summer!

1.     What inspired you to start blogging?

I started this blog when I moved to Germany to teach English for a year in autumn 2011. I wanted an excuse to write and thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends. I lived on a little urban island in the Danube (hence the name!) and though I returned to England for final year in 2012 and now work in London, I kept the name for nostalgia’s sake.

2.     What is your lifetime ambition?

Two things, I think. To publish a novel I am proud of and to live a full and happy life surrounded by those I love. I’m totally old school.

3.     What is your favourite saying?

Great question! The first that comes to mind is ‘Auf Regen kommt immer Sonnenschein’, the German equivalent of ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. It’s a truism I have invariably found to be true and especially important for me to remember, as I sometimes find it easy to indulge in negativity and sadness. I truly believe there is hope even on the darkest of days and beauty in the most unlikely places (sappy, I know!)

4.     How long does it take you to get ready on a normal day?

Umm….well….I do normally set my alarm an hour and fifteen minutes before I need to leave the house for work but lately I’ve been staying in bed with my black cat and cosy quilt until 20 minutes before I need to be on the tube. Awful, I know! The lure of my duvet is simply too attractive. On the positive side, I’ve fine-tuned the art of speed-dressing and coffee-drinking to Olympic standards. It also helps that I’ve all but given up brushing my hair (!) and am too lazy for anything but a little pink lipbalm and a swipe of mascara. Girl failure, I know! 😉


5.     What are you most passionate about?

Lots of things…I hope. People, places, good literature, travel, making life fun and secretly not following the rules. 

6.     What are you listening to at the moment?

My purring cat. But, musically, I have been playing ‘Higher Love’ by James Vincent McMorrow (discovered via tube adverts!) on repeat on the way to work. It is perfect. Also Van Morrison, always, because he’s the best!

7.     What is your best childhood memory?

Skipping up and down on my grandparents’ front step, delighted at the birth of my little sister! And bringing our two (now elderly) kittens home in 1998. I was so excited to finally have cats!

8.     Where would you like to visit that you haven’t already?

Lots of places! Copenhagen (bikes! happy people!) Budapest (on the Danube! thermal baths!) The Lake District (lakes!) Florence (swoonworthy architecture! pizza!) and too many more to list…

9.     Hot or cold?

A balmy 22C with a breeze would do me just fine 🙂

10.   When you are feeling down what do you do to lift your spirits?

Go for a walk, take a vitamin D tablet (psychological but I’m sure it works!), dance in my bedroom, play fun music, hug my sister, stroke any cat and write, write, write. Writing is my therapy.

11.    Who is your favourite Disney character?

Pocahontas! Girl power.


My questions:

1. Hot beverage of choice?

2. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party (dead or alive) and why? 

3. Is your life different to how you imagined it would be at this age?

4. Describe a place that makes you feel contented.

5. Favourite season and why?

6. What do you eat for breakfast?

7. Share your favourite music (so we can love it too!)

8. What do you owe your parents?

9. A book you liked recently?

10. What do you like most about yourself>

11. What do you admire in others?